Paralia Vrasna

Paralia Vrasna

Paralia Vrasna is a seaside village located between Nea Vrasna and Stavros. In many places you will read that Paralia Vrasna and Nea Vrasna are one and the same village but they are not, although very close to each other. If you come from the highway, the easiest way is to turn right for Paralia Vrasna and Stavros, and left for Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta.

Paralia Vrasna has many family hotels for quiet and relaxing holiday. There are supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries. The small square is right next to the beach.

The beach is sandy and very wide.
highlights: seaside village with wide sandy beach, village in Thessaloniki Region, North Greece, Greece
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