Paralia Sykia

Sykia beach in July

Paralia Sykia (meaning the beach of Sykia) is a small resort on the southeast shore of Sithonia. It is the seaside area of the village of Sykia, which is 2-3 km.

Paralia Sykia is a quiet place, preferred by families and nature lovers, and there are plenty of nice sandy beaches around it. The main beach, called Ai Giannis, is the largest, with two beach cafes and lots of free space. Nearby there are also a couple of smaller beaches separated by sea cliffs:
- Valti and Griavas to the north
- Linaraki, Pygadaki, Tourkolimnionas and Klimataria to the south
Although they have individual names, all these beaches are commonly known as "the beaches of Sykia". Kriaritsi, the neighbor of Klimataria, is sometimes included in this group, too.

On the main beach you can see the ruins of two old windmills. Accommodation is available in guesthouses with studios and apartments and campsites. There are neither big hotels, nor nightlife, but along the coast a few beach taverns serve fresh fish and traditional Greek meals. A big supermarket, two bakeries and a fish store can be found around the main road above Paralia Sykia.


highlights: seaside area with sandy beaches, beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

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