Palio Klima

Palio Klima

Palio Klima, or just Klima, is an old village between Glossa and Neo Klima, situated along the main road and to an altitude of 150 meters. It underwent a few earthquakes and after the most severe of them in 1960, which ruined all houses, its residents established the new settlement of Neo Klima and moved there. Today most of the houses are restored and used as summer residences, here and there you can see some ruins. The houses are built aphitheatrically and the village has superb view of the sea, the island of Skiathos, mount Pelion and even Evia in good weather. The sunset from Palio Klima is also worth to watch. There are no hotels, tavernas and cafes in the village so you can just take a walk in the small quiet streets and enjoy the sunset.

highlights: old village with beautiful sunset, village in Skopelos, Sporades Islands, Greece

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Door of an abandoned houseThe village seen from the roadEntering the village on footQuiet and emptyAbandoned houseA wide streetInhabited houseStreet in the villageA house in white and blueSunset timeSunset timeLoutraki seen from Palio KlimaThe village seen from the main roadHouse decorationDecorationsHouse roof decorationChimney decorationHouse in the beginning of the villageThe main road above Palio Klima
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