Paleokastro is an ancient acropolis located on the top of hill above Mandraki. The fortification was built around 4th century BC and its walls were sloping down to the seashore. Today the most preserved part is the top of the fortress, with thick walls of dark volcanic stones some of which are over 3 meters high at some places. The place offers panoramic view toward Mandraki and the Monastery of Panagia Spilliani.

highlights: ancient acropolis above Mandraki, historic sight in Nisyros, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

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From the towers there is magnificent view to the village, the island and even KosSand alley leads to the main gateThe main gate and the cyclopian wallsWide alley leads around the walls and visitors can explore them easilyThe only surviving gateThe gate from insideStaracases lead to the top of the walls which are 18 meters high at some placesA tourist walking inside the ancient walled cityView from one of the towersView from the tower towards the inner areas of the ancient cityVisitors is about to leave via the only surviving gateThe walls are up to 18 meters high and up to almost 4 meters wideSome areas are collapsed due to the earth giving up to the earthquakes and the wall weightThere are a lot of information panes with plenty of interesting informationThe main name plate with working hours, directions and moreThe pathway that leads to Mandraki village
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Address: Nisyros, Dodecanese Islands, Greece
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