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The Monastery of Paleokastritsa bears the name of Virgin Mary (Panagia in Greek). It is situated on a hill in Paleokastritsa. It is believed that it was first established in 13 century but the present building were constructed in 18 century. By now the monastery is home to 8 monks.

It is easy to find it - once you have entered Paleokastritsa, keep going straight without deviations and in a few kilometers you will reach the central beach of Paleokastritsa, Agios Spiridonas, which is on your left side and on your right side there is a big parking lot. In front of you is the hill where the monastery is. Right beside the parking lot, there is small traffic light - if red, you must stop and wait because the road is narrow and two vehicles cannot meet in some places (especially buses). If the light is green, go straight. You will start climbing a steep narrow road which leads to the parking lot in front of the monastery.

Entrance is free of charge. The monastery consists of two levels. The lower part is a garden with stone arches, resembling a tunnel. There are a few benches and a shop for olive oil, olives and koum-quat liqueur produced by the monastery. In the shop you can see authentic olive press. Some stone stairs lead to the upper level and there you find a small yard with well, church and museum with icons and books. According to local legends, a person who throws coins into the well will come back to the island one day. The rooms of the monks are not open for visitors.

On the way back there is another traffic light.

highlights: monastery on the top of a hill, religious sight in Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

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