This quiet beach is located near Lakka on the northeastern coast, sheltered between two sea cliffs. Usually there are not many people as the access by land includes a footpath route, and no facilities are available either. Like the other beaches on Paxos, there is no sand but smooth white pebbles.

There are signboards leading to Orkos from the main road Gaios-Lakka. The place where the footpath starts is also marked, after that you have to follow the signs (small arrows) down to the beach.

highlights: quiet beach with smooth white pebbles, beach in Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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OrkosOrkos beach seen from a boatPiece of artOrkosOrkosA strange mixture of nature and human artA strange mixture of nature and human artOrkosThere it isOrkosJust follow the signsFeels like walking through the woods
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