Olympic Riviera

holiday and accommodation at the foot of Mount Olympus

Olympic Riviera

Olympic Riviera Travel Guide

The Olympic Riviera is not the name of a resort as you can often read. It is a continuous coastline of 70 km at the foot of Mount Olympus - world known as the mountain of the gods from the Greek mythology. The prefecture (region) where it is located is called Pieria (Pieria is not the same as Piraeus, though they are often confused phonetically but yet far away from each other). The distance by car from Thessaloniki to the resorts in the northern part is less than an hour.

The Olympic Riviera has several better-known resorts - Paralia Katerini, Olympiaki Akti, Leptokarya and Platamonas, but there are also other places, more peaceful and not so popular in order to ensure complete relaxation during your holiday. All kind of accommodation is available - small and big hotels, studios, camping sites.

The beaches are predominantly sandy, some of them lonely and secluded. Due to the close location of the mountain, the air is a bit more fresher is the heat but the water is very warm and pleasant for swimming.


highlights: holiday and accommodation at the foot of Mount Olympus, region in North Greece, Greece

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