less known island close to Chios
Blue church among the village houses

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Oinousses is one of the less known Greek islands, located very close to Chios and mainland Turkey. It is populated, with approximately 800 permanent residents and includes also a cluster of small and uninhabited islets. Some of the islets are scattered in front of its main village and port, with small churches and chapels which can be visited by boat in only a few minutes.

Oinousses has long and narrow shape, with very indented coastline and high hills covered with low vegetation. The main village is actually the only settlement (although there are groups of houses in some areas of the island) and it spreads around the port from where the ferry to Chios depart and arrive. No other ferry routes are available with other islands or mainland, except for boat cruises from Chios organized by local travel agencies or private tours. That is how tourists usually come to Oinousses - for a one day visit, but it is also suitable for relaxed holidays and for hikers.

The village lies on the south coast and offers small shops, restaurants, cafes and accommodation in guesthouses and rooms to rent. Most of the beaches are also in the south part, accessible via the network of unpaved roads which crosses the island all over. The north coast is undeveloped and there are only a few beaches accessible via footpaths.

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Blue church among the village houses

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