Nisyros Volcano

Nisyros Volcano

Speaking about Nisyros volcano, it literally means the whole island. But for tourists it means Stefanos - the largest crater in the heart of the island and the only one which officially accepts visitors. The volcano is defined as "dormant" - active but not erupting. Steam coming out of the holes can be seen on many places and the specific sulfur smell is everywhere in the air. Walking inside the crater is at your own risk (that is what the signs say) and the feeling that you step on a sleeping monster may be unpleasant to some people. Nevertheless, it is a thrilling experience.

The place is very easy to find. If you are not on an organized trip, there are buses leaving from Mandraki to the volcano on regular schedule. If you are with a vehicle, there are enough signs to guide you. Next to the crater there is a large parking lot and even a cantina selling snacks, drinks and small souvenirs from the volcano. The crater is in the middle of a depression, surrounded by the caldera. Stefanos is about 25 high and 300 meters wide. The bottom center is fenced and there you can see rough holes with hot steam coming out of them. The surface in and around the crater is hot and thin soles may give you a burning sensation.

The landscape around Stefanos is barren and in close vicinity there are two more craters, Alexandros and Polyvotis. Unpaved road going along the crater will take you to the monastery of Stavros, at the rim of the caldera and with view toward the entire depression.

highlights: enourmous crater in the heart of the island, nature in Nisyros, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

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Volcano view from the volcano view terrace in the villageThe old ticket box and signs about entrance feeThe first view of the crater when nearing on footThe crater is fenced to protect from accidental fallsThe crater as seen from the fenced areaPeople walking around the collapsed parts of volcano craterWarning signs at the path to the volcano craterEntrance to the crater is at your own risk warning signView of the volcano crater from the start of the path to itTourists ascending from the volcanic craterThe path to the crater is slippery and covered with white ashFew meters before entring the craterOnce inside the crater, people feel like small ants in large bowlThe crater walls are yellowish and almost verticalCollapsed ground at the center of the craterHell holes at the volcano crater bottomThe collapsible crater central area is fenced to protect tourists from accidentsThe crater holes are filled with boiling mud and emit poisonous gassesLast view of the crater before taking the path out of itPeople enjoying the view from the crater edgeRest area with shade next to the craterOther craters are visible on the rocky slopesSmall shop with refreshing drinks and souvenirs near the entranceHealing stones from local volcanic rocksDirection sign for Emporio walkwayVolcano view from the road lading to itBiggest crater as seen from the volcano view terrace
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