Relaxing under the shades of kafenio Toy Nikola

Nikia is small scenic village in the island of Nisyros. It is popular for its authentic architecture and the panoramic view toward Stefanos, the largest volcanic crater.

The narrow alleys of Nikia are car-free and quiet most of the time. A small parking for cars is provided near the village entrance, after that you need to walk but Nikia is not big and it is easy to explore by foot. The only place you can have something to eat or drink is the charming white-blue square, with a church and two cafes. The permanent residents are just about 60 and probably you will not see many of them while walking inside - the place looks uninhabited although most houses are neat and in good condition.

In Nikia there is a volcanological museum, and on hill above it you will notice a small white chapel - this is the church of Profitis Ilias, dating back from 15 century. The church is reachable via many steep steps but on the top you will be rewarded with fantastic view of the entire island and the sea.


highlights: authentic place with picturesque square and volcano view, village in Nisyros, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

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