Neo Itilo

Neo Itilo

Neo Itilo (also Neo Oitylo) is one of the two settlements in a large bay under the old village of Oitylo in north Mani, close to Areopoli. The other settlement is Karavostasi, which is the port of Oitylo.

Neo Itilo (which means the New Itilo) is still developing as a resort and relatively small. It consists mainly of hotels, guesthouses and a few seafront tavernas, and aims to attract tourists with its long beach which has even two beach bars in the summer. Most of the beach is pebbly but there are some sandy spots and the sea is shallow around the shore. In the summer, tourists from Areopoli and Limeni come here during the day (as they have not beaches) but in the evenings it gets very quiet.

highlights: developing resort with beach near Areopoli, village in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

Photos from Neo Itilo
Bench in front of the churchThe gulf in front of Neo ItiloThe north end of the beachThe south end of the beachWalking in the village streetStreet through the housesNeo Itilo and the old Itilo in the distanceThe gulf in front of Neo ItiloRoad between Limeni and Neo ItiloFish of the day in Mavros Piratis tavernaSeafront fish tavernaMansion in the village
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