Nea Smyrni

Nea Smyrni

Nea Smyrni is a large Athenian suburb and municipality of the Southern Athens, Attica. It occupies area of around 3.5 square kilometers and has around 73 thousand inhabitants. The settlement was established in 1920s during the times of population exchange with Turkey. The refugees from Smyrna and other parts of Asia Minor were settled in the area which grue rapidly through the years.

Important building in Nea Smyrni is the church of Agia Fotini and its bell tower, which are exact copy of the original Aghia Fotini church of Smyrna. Other historical buildings worth to noting are:
* Home of Nea Smyrna - occupied by non-profit foundation which has performs various cultural activities and maintains historical records of the refugees from Smyrna and Asia Minor in general.
* The Iosifoglio orphanage - historical building from 1920 which is used for housing students without family or with family issues
* National Home building - used by municipality for different cultural activities and also houses a kindergarten
highlights: large Athenian suburb originally settled with refugees from Smyrna and Asia Minor, village in Attica, Central Greece, Greece
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