Nea Roda

Nea Roda

Nea Roda is located in the narrowest part of the leg Mount Athos, in the beginning, 124 km from Thessaloniki. It overlooks the bay of Akintos and the entire leg. In 480 BC. the Persian King Xerxes digged a canal on this place to shorten the way of his fleet. In the village remains of archaeological excavations can be seen.

The permanent residents of Nea Roda are about 1150. There are no lustrous hotels, just nice family hotels, fish taverns and cafes. The beach has fine sand and 1 km from Nea Roda there is a camping site. Visitors can take advantage of water sports and boat trips around Mount Athos.

highlights: village with family hotels, sand beach and campiing site, village in Mount Athos, Halkidiki, Greece

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the promenade and sunny spring afternoon
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