According to the Greek mythology Mycenae was founded by the mythical hero Perseus. The legends say that one of the Mycenaean rulers was Agamemnon - the king of all Greeks and the leader of the Greek expedition against Troy. In Homer`s Iliad the city is described as strong citadel and also as "golden Mycenae".

Mycenae is the home of the Mycenaean civilization which superseded the Cycladic and Minoan civilizations. The city served as the seat of the king and is located 15 km away from the sea. It occupies strong natural fortified position and is surrounded by 1100 meters huge walls. The walls are made of enormous stones, some weighting up to 20 tons and believed to be built by mythical one-eyed giants. Wide stone paved roads pass through the once flourishing city and lead to burial grounds, large conical tombs, palace complexes and building of different types. At the height of the Mycenaean civilization (around 14 century B.C.) the city is believed to be commercial, political and religious hub. The king`s treasury was full of valuable goods like pottery, ivory, bronze and gold, some of which are preserved and can be seen in museums.
After the 13th century B.C. the city and the Mycenaean civilization slowly faded out and disappeared without specific reason. The scholars still debate about the exact reason for extinction - natural disaster, foreign invasion or even social and cultural fallout.

Mycenae has been researched by archaeologists since 1841 but still holds many secrets. Visitors will see The Lions Gate, the Cyclopean walls, ancient grave sites, tholoi tombs (beehive tombs), palace and city ruins. There is a large museum on site which exhibits collections of fine pottery, weapons, art and precious metal objects. Many valuable and famous artifacts like the Mask of Agamemnon, the Cup of Nestor, the Silver Siege Rhyton are spread through out museums around the world.

highlights: mythical greek city with cyclopean walls from enormous stones, historical sight in Argolis Region, Peloponnese, Greece

Photos from Mycenae
souvenir shop just after the gatethe road to the citadelthe main direction panethe lion tholos tomb as seen from above alleythe lion tombthe huge tall entrance to the lion tholos tomballey protection ropes on the sides of lion tombfour huge stone slabs form the entrance room to the lion tholos tombgirl reading in front of the museumthe overall village plan at the museum entrance halldifferent kinds of potterypottery display in the museum hallsartifacts related to the women everyday`s lifeanimals, ornaments and toy potterypottery, weaponry, artifacts and burial masks displaysvisitor takes photo of the artifactscollection of ceramic oxesgolden decorations and ceramic vesselselaborate ceramic lady dollhuge storage pot at the site of museum room entranceancient scales and weightsmuseum main entrancetourists walking through the lions gatetourist exploring the huge stones of the Lions gatetourists wondering behind the Lions gate once inside the citadeltourists at the back of the Lions gatepeople exploring the inside of the ancient citadelview of the Argolis fields from the castle wallsthe closed entrance to the underground cistern with 99 steps underground path to ita side, postern gate in the upper north parthside postern gate made by 3 huge stone blocksview from the hill top to in the museum directionfig tree inside the fortress villagegrave circle A - the royal burial groundsthe walls of grave circle Athe Lions gate - the main citadel entrancethe Lions gate frontal view from outsidethe Lions gate, the main citadel entrancetourist leaves the citadel via the Lions gatethe Lions gate and the stone bench next to itthe road to the Lions gate and the cyclopean wall on the leftthe alley from the Lions gate to the ticket officethe main path that goes near the cyclopean wallhypothetical reconstruction of the ancient settlementworking hourstourists leaving the sight groundsgrave circle B and the citadel cyclopean walls
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