Mikros Prinos

Mikros Prinos

Mikros Prinos (or Mikros Kazaviti) is a mountainous village above Prinos, in the northwest part of Thassos. It is rather a neighborhood of Kazaviti - Megalos Prinos than a village. The distance between both is about 2 km but they have almost merged and look like one settlement, in the same architectural style - stone houses with wooden windows and balconies.

Mikros Prinos is smaller and has mainly hotels and guesthouses scattered on the green slopes of Ipsario mountain. All the buildings are either properly restored to preserved the authentic outlook of the village, or built in the typical for the area architecture to fit in the environment. There is no separate center like in Megalos Prinos but there are a few traditional tavernas. The road which passes through the village winds up around the houses and goes to the Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas, one of the least known sights on the island but worth to visit. The monastery dates back to 17 century and next to its there is a small underground cave where Saint Panteleimonas lived.

Most tourists tend to go to Megalos Prinos so Mikros Prinos is quiet both day and night. The closest beaches are at Skala Prinos, Dassilio and Skala Sotiras, approximately 7 km away each.

highlights: mountainous village with stone houses and hotels, village in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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