Mikros Gialos

Mirror smooth sea

The beach of Mikros Gialos lies in the southeastern part of the island, in a small gulf approximately 4 km away from the main road of Lefkada. This is the beach of the nearby Poros village which is 3.5 km away from the sea. In the past Mikros Gialos used to be fishing harbor of the village but today there are hotels, villas and taverns around the beach.

Mikros Gialos (which means ”small bay”) is a quiet place, suitable for peaceful holidays. There are no entertainment options, nor a promenade, and the only people you will meet in the evenings are those accommodated in the area. The beach has large smooth pebbles (no sand at all), with very clear and calm waters. Due to the surrounding high cliffs of the gulf, waves are rare and the sea is as calm as a lake. Part of the beach offers sunbeds and parasols to rent.

The scenic harbor of Sivota is in a neighbor gulf but both are not connected directly and in order to reach Sivota from Mikros Gialos or elsewhere on the island, you should go back to the main road first. This extends the time for driving but Sivota is worth the visit and it gets livelier in the evenings. Another place close to Mikros Gialos is Geni peninsula.


highlights: pebbled beach with clear and calm water, beach in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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