Mikrolimano (also called Mikro Aliko) is one of the beaches of Aliko - a nature reserve with sand dunes and cedar trees. It is located on the southwest coast of Naxos island.

Mikrolimano is accessible on foot from the coastal road which goes to Aliko and continues to Pyrgaki. You will easily find it because it is just below the unfinished concrete construction of Aliko which was projected to be a hotel but it was never completed. Mikrolimano is small and surrounded by cliffs from both sides, covered with sand like all the rest beaches in the area and with saturated blue water. The sea bottom however has scattered boulders and pebbles so you need to be more careful when entering the water. The beach location is isolated but the place is not a secret to both locals and tourists, and visitors can be met any time. Just 20-30 meters north of Mikrolimano there is another miniature cove which is a bit more secluded.

highlights: sandy beach with blue water, beach in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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