Methoni Castle

Methoni Castle

The historical castle of Methoni is located in the village of Methoni, at the tip of westernmost peninsula of Peloponnese. Together with the castle of Koroni, which is 30 km away on the other side of the peninsula, they are both referred to as the "Eyes of Venice in the Mediterranean".

Methoni castle is large and well preserved. It was built by the Venetians in 13 century, on a rocky cape of the village. When the Ottomans occupied the castle in 16 century they built another small stronghold on a tiny islet in front of the castle and connected it with the sea gate. The small stronghold was named Bourtzi and it served as a prison and execution place. The impressive outer walls of the castle are almost intact. Inside there are ruins of churches, houses and Turkish baths which you can explore. The Bourtzi stronghold is also accessible.

Methoni castle works everyday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

highlights: large and well preserved Venetian castle, historic sight in Methoni, Messinia Region, Greece

Photos from Methoni Castle
The smaller fortressApproaching the castle from the beachBridge leading to the main gateBridge to the main gateCentral gateEntering the fortInside the fortWall with carvingsInside the fortSide gatePath leading to the sea gateThe sea gateBourtzi seen through the sea gateBridge to BourtziBourtzi main gateThe sea gate seen from BourtziEntranceInside BourtziThe prison towerPeeking through the wallsInside BourtziStairs leading to the towerMethoni castle sea gateBourtzi gateThe inner fort seen from the sea gateBourtzi through the wallsTurkish bathsInside the bath buildingA side gateRuins of a bastionTurkish baths and church in the backInside the bath buildingInside the bath buildingThe second gateThe second gate wallsSmall fort by the seaWalls of the second gateThe second gateSide gateAncient gunBembo bastionBridge above the moatThe moatMethoni beach seen from the castleBembo bastionOuter walls by the seaThe moatUnidentified objectWalls by the seaWays to the castleLate visitorsThe castle seen from outside
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Address: Methoni, Messinia Region, Peloponnese, Greece
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