Menies is a remote picturesque cove on the north coast of Crete, close to Kolymvari. It is located on the uninhabited Rodopos peninsula and accessible via dirt road. The beach can be also visited by boat trip.

The road which leads to Menies beach is the same leading to the northernmost part of the peninsula. It starts from the village of Rodopos and continues for about 20 km until it reaches the beach, passing among barren rocky hills and a few old churches. Menies beach lies between two cliffs with a few tiny sea caves. It is not organized, so you should bring your own water, food and sun protection. The beach has coarse grey sand and plenty of pebbles, and the the sea there are flat rocks. Because of these rocks the water looks transparent and clear.

Behind the beach there is a small chapel and ruins of an ancient sanctuary called Diktinna (or Dyktinna). The sanctuary dates back to Minoan times and it was devoted to a goddess of the same name. Sometimes the beach is referred to as Diktinna beach, too.

highlights: remote picturesque cove with ancient sanctuary, beach in Chania Region, Crete, Greece

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