Photos and videos for #view

Bach view from the road to Adamas
Beach view from the hill above
View to the monastery, the hils and the sea
View of the whole bay from the main road above
Overall view from the higher ground close to the parking lot
Looking towards the harbor from the elevated area next to the big church
Looking down towards Agios Nikolaos church situated at the sea shore
View towards Klima village
Ionian sunset with ship passing through the sun trail
Magnificent sunset view with clouds and barely visible ship in the distance
The central beach as seen between the trees on the promenade
View to the central beach
Bench with view situated between Agios Nikolaos beach and central beache
Looking through the gun holes towards to village
View to the village from the Venetian fortress causeway
View from the tower towards the inner areas of the ancient city
View from one of the towers
From the towers there is magnificent view to the village, the island and even Kos
View of the harbor and the White beach
Prophetis Elias church as seen from the village street
The ridge leading to Kokinos milos - The red mill
Biggest crater as seen from the volcano view terrace
Volcano view from the volcano view terrace in the village
A boat sailing away from Lies beach as seen from above Kyra Panagia monastery
Bench with a view on the road above Kyra Panagia monastery
Volcano view from the road lading to it
Other craters are visible on the rocky slopes
People enjoying the view from the crater edge
Last view of the crater before taking the path out of it
View of the volcano crater from the start of the path to it