Photos and videos for #sign

Sign advising that jumping from the rocks into the sea is dangerous
Sign about traditional local honey and olive oil for sale
The information panel with all places of interest in the village
The sign for the castle
Eat souvlaki to get lucky signboard and a gyros shop
The main name plate with working hours, directions and more
The fruit market sign is hanged under the shade
The souvenir shop sign
Nisyrian menu of the day for hungry tourists
Tourist follows the sign for the panoramic view of the volcano
Sign for a table with panoramic view of the volcano
Nisyros 42 Nikia street sign
Direction sign for Emporio walkway
Entrance to the crater is at your own risk warning sign
Warning signs at the path to the volcano crater
The old ticket box and signs about entrance fee
Sign on the main road with directions to all prominent places on the island
Tourist girl reading the information board of Agia Sofia church
Agia Sofia church and information board telling facts about it
Signs at a path crossroad
The path to the palace, Agia Sofia church, Metropolis and The Museum
The beach sign is attached to Akti Nefeli hotel fence
Information poster about the cave and routes from Neapoli
Broken beach sign that will probably read - umbrellas
Business sign made from wood and attached to a building wall
The curious people can follow the sing and explore the nearby ancient fortress
turn right to enter the village or left to Neapoli and Elafonisos island
Direction signs on the house walls inside the village
cannon barrel decorations and cannon cast year - Anno MDCLXXXVII
the bastion cannon barrels are covered with many inscriptions