Photos and videos for #castle

Preserved Frankish castle wall section
The sign for the castle
Venetian castle tower close up view
Tourists taking picture of the old Venetian castle remains
Looking through the gun holes towards to village
Remains from the Venetian fortifications at the harbor entrance
The main gate and the cyclopian walls
View to Pantanassa monastery, house ruins and the Fortress on the top of Mystras hill
View to Middle and Upper city, The Palace and the Acropolis of Mystras from Metropolis
View to the inner castle area
The west castle watchtower
Murder-hole over the main castle gate - for throwing hot oils, rocks and arrows
The tower room over the main castle gate
The garrison headquarters inside the inner castle perimeter
The acropolis outer wall, garrison headquarters and auxiliary buildings
The castle wall is wide enough for soldiers to patrol on them
The Mystras citadel (fortress) main gate
The path reaches the citadel walls and turns right
the sunset and Bourtzi fortress as seen from the bastion top
view to Bourtzi fortress from the bastion top
view of the harbor pier and Bourtzi fortress from the bastion at sunset
close view to one of the five cannons
the fortification stairway from the sea to the bastion top
the bastion fortification walls and the cannon barrels
the private docking space of the bastion taverna
the alley between the bastion walls and the sea
the bastions, 3 of the cannons and the sunset over Bourtzi fortress
the big harbor pier pointing at Bourtzi island castle
fishing boats at the harbor pier near Bourtzi island fortress
closer view of Palamidi fortress from the harbor piers