Manganitis is one of the remote villages of Ikaria, located in the southwest part which is almost uninhabited. High mountainous rocks rise up behind it and there are no settlements nearby. Although Manganitis seems built in the middle of nowhere, it has about 100 permanent residents and a small scenic harbor.

The village can be reached via the coastal road from Agios Kirikos, or from Evdilos through the mountain. Both routes take approximately 50 minutes drive. About 2 km before Manganitis, you will pass though a tunnel cut in the rocks (this tunnel was the reason for the Ikarian Seychelles beach to appear). Most houses inside the village are concentrated around the harbor, others are scattered around Fyrodi beach - a small cove of sand and pebbles in the outskirts. The street leading to the harbor is quite narrow and steep at some places but there is not much traffic anyway. At the harbor you will find a coffee-bar and taverna. For people searching real getaway destinations to stay, there are rooms to rent.

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highlights: remote village with small scenic harbor, village in Ikaria, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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