Loutra Edipsou

Loutra Edipsou

Loutra Edipsou (also Edipsos, Aedipsos, Aedipsou) is located in the northwestern part of Evia. It is one of the best known spa resorts in Greece, famous for its hot mineral springs which flow directly into the sea, with temperature ranging from 34 to 70 C.

The resort is popular mainly among elderly people who come here to cure bone and joint diseases. The springs are also suitable for healing gynecological problems. There are many guest houses and hotels of all categories, as some of them offer spa procedures. The village has a nice seaside alley with restaurants, cafes and pastry shops. The small harbor connects Loutra Edipsou with Arkitsa on the mainland.

The beach is long and narrow. The mineral springs can be found in the south end where they pour out from peculiar rock formations. On some places the water has carved small natural pools in the rocks and people use them as bath tubs.

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