Loutra Alikis

Loutra Alikis

More like a spa experience than a beach, this is one of the places on Milos where hot minerals springs gush out of the sea around the shore. In Greek Loutra Alikis means "baths of Aliki", as Aliki is the name of the area around the airport. The sign for the springs is hidden between the trees but you can easily find the beach which is right in front of the island`s electric power plant, near the crossroad for Zephyria. The beach and the plant are separated by the main road going to Achivadolimni and Empourio.

There is no parking lot and you have to park along the road. The springs cannot be seen from the road but when you get closer you can see the water "boiling" at some spots. The water gushing out from the springs is hot on these spots but the coming cold waves mix with it, reaching a very pleasant temperature and allowing you to soak in the sea for a long period. It is considered that these springs cure skin and gynecological diseases.

highlights: hot mineral springs in the sea, beach in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Loutra AlikisBubles from the springs are a bit hard to spot at firstLoutra AlikisThe small bench under the treeWritings on the sand
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