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The small island of Lipsi is considered to be one of the getaway destinations of the Aegean since it is not much developed for tourists. It is located between Leros, Patmos and Arki. The island`s name can also be written as Leipsoi, Lipsoi or Lipsos.

Lipsi has only one village which is also a port - Lipsi village on the southwest coast. It is connected via ferry to all islands of the Dodecanese group, as well as to Samos of the North Aegean. Day trips are available to the neighbor islands of Patmos and Arki, as well as cruise boat trips around Lipsi and the small uninhabited islets that surround it. There is road network on the island and even a small local bus which can take you to some of the distant beaches in the north. The greatest distance from the southernmost to the northernmost place of the island is approximately 7 km so if you are staying for more than a couple of says, you can explore the island even on foot. Lipsi offers accommodation in small family hotels, rooms to rent and some villas. In the village there is a pastry shop, tavernas and cafes, mini markets and a small medical center.

No matter small, Lipsi has many beaches hidden in small coves all over the island. Most of them are narrow and pebbly or mixed with sand but you can enjoy privacy on the smaller ones. The most famous beaches of Lipsi are Platis Gialos (maybe the most sandy), the twin beaches of Xirokampos and Tourkomnima, Kimisi and Katsadia. In the summer beach taverns operate at Platis Gialos and Katsadia.

Although Lipsi has existed since prehistoric times, there are no historical sights present on the island. The best thing you can do while staying on Lipsi is to rest and enjoy the clear blue water of the small beaches, or to go for a daily cruise to some of the neighbor islets like Arki and Agathonisi.

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