Limni Beach can be found 2 km away from the village of Liapades and it is known as one of the beaches of Paleokastritsa. Its shape is very peculiar and resembles an isthmus connecting the the island with another small island. There are no road signs showing the way and people prefer to go there by boat taxi but with some instructions you can go there by car or bike.

On the way to Liapades beach, there is a small supermarket Athena. On its left side you will see a narrow road going up - take it. In about 50 m you will reach a small crossroad - continue straight, if you turn right you will end up at Rovinia. The road is narrow with some sharp turns but in a good condition. In 1.5 km you will clearly see the sea on your right side from above. Soon you will reach a small lay-by on your left side and a dirt road going down on your right side. Leave your vehicle on the lay-by and take the dirt road. As you walk for 50 m, you will see the sign Limni on your left - follow the narrow path among the olive trees. In 100 m you will reach stone staircase leading down to Limni Beach and there you are.

The small strip has smooth pebbles, not sand. The view is spectacular as you can see Paleokastritsa and its famous coves.

highlights: isthmus beach with pebbles and view to Paleokastritsa, beach in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

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