small island for peaceful holiday in genuine Greek atmosphere

The famous windmills of the islands


This small lovely island is not very popular among tourists. Travel agencies do not usually offer it so you should organize the trip by yourself. Since Leros nature is almost untouched by humans, it is a perfect destination for people seeking peaceful holiday in genuine Greek atmosphere.

Leros is one of the greenest islands of the Dodecanese. It has a length of 20 km and total coastline of 71 km consisting mainly of small coves and beaches. The entire island can be easily explored in a few days. The reason for its isolation is somewhat due to its bad reputation in the past - Leros was the place where political prisoners were sent and the mental institution situated on the island additionally made its fame worse.

The closest islands to Leros are Patmos to the north and Kalymnos and Kos to the south. You can reach it by ferry or by airplane - yes, there is a small national airport on the island, serving flights from and to Athens.

There are about 10 settlements on the Leros, concentrated in its central part. The architecture is mixed, bearing some scars of the Venetian and Ottoman rule. The largest village and capital of the island is Agia Marina which is almost grown together with the neighbor villages of Panteli and Platanos. Another visited places are Alinda, Lakki and Xerokampos. Lakki is also the largest port of the island.

The most interesting places to visit on Leros are the windmills above Panteli and the old Byzantine castle of Panagia, located on the top of a hill above Platanos. Both sights offer panoramic views of the sea and the island. Around Leros there are many small uninhabited islands which can be reached by rental boats.

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