Lagonisi is a small cove in the area of Ormos Panagias. It has fine sand and shallow water. The most attractive part of it is the tiny sandspit in one of its ends.

highlights: small cove with shallow water, beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

Photos from Lagonisi
part of the beach looks like a horse shoeview from the hillanother view from the hillpart the beach and the sand-spitLagonisibeach view from under the tree shadepine tree at the beachcrystal sea water and the beach sandcrystal sea water and the small islet in front of the beachthe beach sand-spitthe narrow sandy paththe beach sand-spitbeach sand enclosed with sea from both sidesbroken sea shells form pink stripes in the beach sandview of the rock formations and Talgo beachview to the beach from the sand-spit in the middleLagonisiview from the tiny beach isletLagonisithe crystal beach watersandy cove at the tiny beach isletthe south beach part and the nearby coastlineLagonisithe south part of the beach as seen from the small isletthe rocky end of the beach islet
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