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Kythnos is one of the less touristy destinations of the Cyclades, visited mainly by Greeks. Although the island is in the shape of a lightning, it is tranquil and suitable for slow-paced holidays.

Greeks know Kythnos for the healing mineral springs in the village of Loutra, while tourists connect it with Kolona beach - the tombolo which links the island with the islet of Agios Loukas.

Hotels in Kythnos

Where to stay in Kythnos?

Aerial view of Chora

The largest villages of Kythnos are Kythnos Chora (the capital) and Dryopida. Their architecture is a fascinating blend of Cycladic and traditional Greek style, and you can see both cubical and tile-roof houses. The alleys are typical for the old villages - narrow and car-free. Chora and Dryopida are a few km away from the sea but if you stay there, you can have easy access to beaches on both the west and east coast of the island.

Merichas (the main port of Kythnos), Loutra and Kanala are small seaside resorts where you can find accommodation and places to eat. Hotels are also available around some of the larger beaches but they are not villages and function only in summer.

Which are the best beaches of Kythnos?

Flambouria beach

Kythnos is rugged and barren island, and its seaside is rich in small coves and beaches. Most beaches are covered with coarse sand, some have pebbles around the shore, but do not expect soft or fine sand anywhere.

Kolona is most scenic beach of Kythnos, accessible via dirt road or by boat. Other popular and easier to reach destinations are Apokrisi, Flampouria, Episkopi and Martinakia on the west coast, and Kalo Livadi, Lefkes and Kanala on the east coast. In the summer they have small beach bars which rent sunbeds and parasols but there is enough free space and sometimes you can even use the shade of the low trees grown directly on the sand.

What to do in Kythnos?

Agios Ioannis Eleimonas

The list of sights and best things to do in Kythnos includes:

- Kythnos Chora and Dryopida, for a walk and meal
- Kolona beach and the islet of Agios Loukas
- The Katafyki Cave in Dryopida
- The ruins of Oria Castle in the north, on a hill near cape Kefalos
- The church of Ai Giannis Eleimonas next to Lefkes beach
- The monastery of Panagia Kanala

How to get to Kythnos?

Alley in Dryopida

Kythnos has no airport, you can reach the island only by sea. There are regular ferry connections with the ports of Piraeus and Lavrio on mainland Greece. Two times per week there is also a ferry which connects Kythnos with other islands of the Cyclades group - Kea, Syros, Paros, Serifos and Sifnos.

Destinations in Kythnos

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