Komitsa is a beach near Nea Roda, next to the northeast border of the Holy Mountain. They are actually two beaches divided by rocks, one organized and one non-organized.

The organized Komitsa is 800 meters long, wide, with coarse sand. On its west end you will find a tavern with beach bar and playground for children. The road to this beach is paved and starts from the end of Nea Roda, you should follow the signboards.

The non-organized Komitsa is longer (about 2 km) but narrower. Usually there are some tents and campers on this beach, and less people. It is suitable for people who seek solitude and quietness. The sand is coarse again and there are many sea shells. It can be reached via dirt road which starts from the organized Komitsa.

highlights: beach with coarse sand near Nea Roda, beach in Mount Athos, Halkidiki, Greece

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