Pebbled coastline with blue water and trees

Keratokampos (Keratokambos) is one of the few villages on the south coast of Heraklion region. Actually, the village name is (maybe) Kastri, and Keratokambos is the name of the long beach just next to it, but both names are used, as Keratokambos prevails. The place has been developing tourism for the last years but it is still far away from the bustle of the north resorts.

The village consists of tavernas, cafes and rooms to rent along the seafront, and there is also a small harbor for fishing boats. Just next to the harbor you will find a small sandy beach called Kastri. The large beach starts at the village east - strip of large pebbles, sand and low-grown trees, known as Keratokampos or Monobouka beach. This beach spans for more than one kilometer and meets Armenopetra beach, as both are partially divided by a piece of rock but yet there is enough space in front of the rock to reach Armenopetra without wetting your feet. None of the beaches is organized, and the sea bottom is rocky around the shore, except for Kastri. Another beach with sand and pebbles and relatively shallow water in the area is Skouros, west of Kastri.


Pebbled coastline with blue water and trees

highlights: village with long beach on the south coast, village in Heraklion Region, Crete, Greece

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