Blue sea

Kedros is a beach on the southwest coast of Naxos island. It is part of the nature reserve of Aliko, known for its sandy beaches and cedar trees. Kedros is the largest of all beaches which belong to Aliko but at the same time it is the least visited probably because it is a bit remote from the rest.

Kedros is located between the beaches of Glyfada and Hawaii. You can reach it on foot from Hawaii, as you walk to the north end and go round the small protrusion which separates both beaches. The other way is to follow a dirt road with a length of 500 meters but you must be sure in your car abilities because parts of it are covered by sand from the dunes. This dirt road starts from the crossroad before the abandoned hotel construction of Aliko. The road on your left leads to Aliko main beach and the road on your right, which has no signs, is the one which goes to Kedros.

Kedros is covered with coarse sand, and the sea bottom is also sandy around the shore. Due to the isolated location it is most preferred by nudes.


Blue sea

highlights: the most isolated beach of Aliko reserve, beach in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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