Kato Petali

Kato Petali

Kato Petali is a small village of Sifnos, located in the east part of the island.

As you will notice, there two villages on the island with the name Petali - Ano (Upper) Petali and Kato (Lower) Petali. And as the names suggest, Ano Petali is located on a high hill above Apollonia, with old houses and steep narrow alleys, while Kato Petali is built on a slight elevation midway from Apollonia to Kastro. The houses follow the same architectural style but Kato Petali has a more contemporary outlook and a paved square where some local events are held. An interesting place to visit is the church of Zoodochos Pygi which rises up above the rest buildings. In the village there is only one taverna but you can find everything in Apollonia which is 1 km away.

highlights: village in the middle of the island, village in Sifnos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Kato Petali
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