Kastro Tigani

Kastro Tigani

Tigani, literally meaning "frying pan" is a flat rocky piece of land, a peninsula connected with mainland, and its shape (or more likely its flatness) reminds of a pan. The "handle" of the pan is very flat while the "frying" part is a bit elevated and has ruins of old walls. The ruins are known as Kastro Tigani (the Castle of the Pan) and they are supposed to be an ancient fortification. According to some sources it was a Frankish castle (there is even a legend about runaway princess) but others claim that the ruins are from a very antique period.

You can go by car to the base of the "pan" via the road that passes through the settlements of Stavri and Agia Kiriaki. From the end of the road, a small path leads to Kastro Tigani. During the summer months a fisherman boat can transport you from Mezapos to Kastro Tigani in less than 15 minutes. The place is interesting for nature lovers.

highlights: flat rocky peninsula with ruins of a castle, historical sight in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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View to Kastro TiganiKastro Tigani seen when approaching Mezapos
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Address: Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece
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