Kastro is the oldest and the remotest village on Thassos island. It is located high in the mountain and accessible via road which is partly unpaved and starts near Limenaria. Kastro is also connected with Teologos but the road is in very poor condition and although the distance is 8 km, it is not recommendable for cars.

There are no permanent residents in Kastro as the village was completely abandoned in 20 century but some of the houses are renovated and used as summer villas. The only time when the village enlivens is during January when a local festival is held there, in the rest time of the year only sporadic tourists come to see the old stone houses houses and take a walk in the quiet cobbled alleys. In the last few years attempts have been made to bring more people to this place and there are two traditional taverns operating at its center, as well as a guesthouse.
highlights: old and remote abandoned village, village in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece
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