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The tiny Kastellorizo may get the prize for the remotest Greek island. It is at a distance of only 2 km from mainland Turkey but the closest Greek island, that of Rhodes, is more than 100 km away. And since the ferry journey is not much preferred, there is a small airport which serves charter flights, mostly from and to Rhodes.

Kastellorizo has only one village built around an ancient castle dating back to 14 century. The castle was built on hill called the "red hill" and this gave the island`s name during the Italian rule: "castello" meaning "castle" and "rizo", meaning "red". This name has remained until today, although the island is also known as Megisti, its older denomination.

The village of Kastellorizo has two ports and multi-colored houses at the seafront which remind of those in Symi. All the 400 hundred residents of the island live here and the village offers tavernas, mini markets and accommodation in small hotels and guesthouses. There are no roads outside the village (except for the road to the airport and to an old monastery) as there are no beaches or other settlements. Kastellorizo is maybe the only inhabited Greek island which has no single beach - swimming is possible from rocks or platforms in front of some hotels. The island however is home to the biggest Blue Cave in Greece, and one of the most interesting of its kind in the whole Mediterranean sea. The sunlight penetrates though the cave entrance and reflects into the sea water, making everything inside look blue. The entrance allows only small boats to pass through it and the passengers are requested to lie down for a while but once inside, the cave looks enormous. It is about 70 meters long, 40 meters wide and 25 meters high, and swimming in the blue water is an amazing life experience. Boats going to the Blue Cave depart from the village port.

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