Kardamyli is one of the oldest settlements oн Mani peninsula, located in the north, Messinian part. It has a charming quarter called Old Kardamyli, in which you can see antique houses and churches and visit the old Tower of Mourtzinos and a soap factory. Around the small port there are tavernas and cafes.

The beaches of Kardamyli are a bit outside of it, Ritsa to the north and Kalamitsi to the south. Both beaches are pebbly. Ritsa is larger and it has a couple of beach taverna, while Kalamitsi is not organized and less visited. The two sandy beaches of Stoupa are just 7 km away.

highlights: village with antique houses and churches, village in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

Houses on the main roadThe new part of the villageBridge between the new and old villageOld Kardamyli seen from the roadThe small fishing port
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