Kalantos (also spelled Kalandos) is one of the remotest beaches of Naxos you can reach by car. It is located in the southernmost part of the island, away from any villages and other beaches. The usual visitors come by boat or yacht while touring the east coast of Naxos and there is a large stone pier for safe anchor. Adventurous people can also come by car and even stay at the only hotel available at the beach.

Kalantos lies in a crescent-shaped bay, with the stone pier at one of its ends and the church of Agii Theodori at the other end. It has soft sand and shallow water around the shore, well-sheltered from the frequent north wind in the summer. Two seasonal taverns also works there, ready to welcome hungry tourists with simple but delicious and fresh meals.

There are two options to visit Kalantos by road - one is from Agiassos (12 km) and the other one is from Filoti (23 km). The road from Filoti is paved but it passes through a mountain and has many turns - the region is wild and the only buildings you will see are small white chapels and the Cheimarros Tower. The road from Agiassos is dirt, running just next to the sea and passing by little isolated coves, but it requires a 4-wheeler and is more suitable for hiking than for driving.

highlights: the remotest beach of the island, beach in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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