The city of Kalamata is the second largest settlement on Peloponnese, with population of approximately 62 000 residents. It is the capital of the administrative region of Messinia and the area is famous for its olives, known as Kalamata olives.

Kalamata is a modern town with cultural life, many public facilities and ruins of a castle on the top of a hill. There is a marina with a lively promenade where tavernas and cafes can be founds. The central square of the town is closed for cars and nice for a walk and shopping. Kalamata also has a very long beach strip, more than 2 km in length, with many beach bar and beach cafes. Most of the beach is pebbly but there are sections of sand mixed with pebbles.

Kalamata can be a good choice for accommodation if you expect any nightlife and plenty of restaurants and shops. Besides, it is suitable starting point for exploring the region and the entire big gulf of Kalamata, called the Messinian gulf.

highlights: large town with nightlife and long beach, town in Messinia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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