Ios Chora

The main square

Ios Chora or just Chora is the only village on Ios island where people live all year round. It is built on a high hill and spreads down to the port (called Ormos) and the beach (called Gialos).

During the day Chora is a quiet place and its narrow white alleys are almost empty. Behind every corner you stumble upon a church or even two churches with whitewashed walls glittering in the sun. Everything seems to be slow-paced and lazy in the summer heat but as the evening approaches, small cafes and restaurants open and people appear. At night you can barely recognize the place as the alleys are now full of groups of young people or couples ready to attend the famous Ios bar crawl - something that seems unimaginable a few hours ago. The shops are open and life is bubbling.

Yet, Chora is not a place to go for parties only. Follow the alleys which lead to the top of the hill and the churches - the view to the port and the village is amazing, especially at sunset. The old windmills are another place to drop by and enjoy the traditional style of Ios. Meanwhile you can just wander in the labyrinth of alleys and find something new at each step.


highlights: authentic Cycladic style in white and blue, village in Ios, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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