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Hawaii is one of the beaches of Aliko nature reserve. Aliko occupies a small peninsula on the west coast of Naxos characterized with cedar forest, sand dunes and a series of coves.

Hawaii lies between Mikrolimano and Kedros. It is distinguished by reddish cliffs with irregular shapes where people can "hide" from the sight of others. In order to reach Hawaii, you need to leave your vehicle along the road and walk on the sand towards the sea. You will end up above the beach and then you have to descend via a few narrow paths dug between the cliffs. Hawaii is covered with sand all over, including the sea bottom but there are massive flat rocks around the shore which you can clearly see in the clean and transparent water. There are no facilities and nudes can often be seen, so do not get shocked if you spot people without swimwear coming out from the cliffs.

Facilities And Services

  • Beach
    Scenic, Remote, Nudist friendly, Wild


View from above

highlights: one of the sandy beaches of Aliko, beach in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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