Venetian harbor fortress

Venetian harbor fortress

The Venetian harbor fortress of Naoussa is located at the entrance of the old fishing harbor of Naoussa. The fortifications were built in 15th century by the Venetian Duke of Naxos and the most prominent feature were two towers with iron chain suspended between them. The big chain prevented pirates and other hostile ships from entering into the harbor. What can be seen now is the lower part of one tower, part of the defensive wall, foundations and some stone fragment scattered in the surrounding shallow waters. The fortress is now partially sunken in the sea but still freely accessible via short causeway. People can go inside the tower and look through the huge gun holes.

The old Venetian storehouses at the harbor are now gone and the place is occupied by tavernas and cafes. Fishing boats are moored next to the tables and exhibit the fresh catch. Fat octopuses and cut in half fishes dry in the sun on wooden planks along the main walkways. In the evening the place gets really crowded and the numerous tables are quickly occupied.

highlights: partially sunken tower and fortress remains at the old harbor, historic sight in Naoussa, Paros, Greece

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Remains from the Venetian fortifications at the harbor entranceTourists and the causeway to the fortressThe causeway to the fortressThe entrance of the old harbor once guarded by the fortressThe entrance to the towerLooking through the gun holes towards to villageAgios Nikolas church at the entrance of the old harborFishing boats at the old harbor
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Address: Naoussa, Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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