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Glyfada is the natural continuation of Kastraki beach. It is located on the southwest coast of Naxos island, above Kedros and Aliko nature reserve.

What is characteristic of Glyfada is the big salt lake just behind the beach which separates it from the scarce buildings of studios and apartments to rent. There is a taverna in the north end of the beach and the road ends there. Glyfada is not yet organized by beach bars and has plenty of free space - it is long and relatively wide, covered with soft sand all over. The sea is as blue as the rest beaches of west Naxos, with transparent water. Accommodation around is available, mainly at the beachfront between Glyfada and Kastraki, and along the main road where you can find also a small super market.

There is a public bus which connects Glyfada with Naxos Town and other villages and resorts but a car is recommended if you decide to stay around.
  • Beach
    Sandy, Taverna
highlights: large sandy beach with salt lake, beach in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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Empty beachBeach and cedar wood in the distanceThe area behind the beachThe area behind the beachThe beach taverna

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