The rock pool from the air

Giola is not exactly a beach but a natural sea lagoon carved in the rocks. It looks like a swimming pool with size 2Ox15 meters. The rocks are terraced-like so it is easy to walk on them. If you decide to visit Giola for a swim, please note that you will have to rest your beach towels right on the rocks and there is no sand, neither shades.

This natural phenomenon is located near Astris. In the past it was hardly accessible, via dirt road in a bad condition and without any signboards. But today there is a shorter road which leads to parking spaces under the shade of trees where you can leave your vehicle and continue on foot on a designated path. Next to the parking lot there is a small canteen and right above Giola there is a taverna with sea view where you get food and drinks. The path from the parking lot to the rock pool is approximately 500 meters long but it is steep and walking is tiresome, especially on the way back.


highlights: natural sea lagoon carved in rocks, beach in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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