As beautiful as Egremni and Kathisma, but not so popular and often omitted in the list with attractive places in Lefkada. Gialos lies on the western coast, between Kalamitsi and Egremni, and it is the longest uninterrupted beach of the island. It has the same sparkling milky blue color of the sea like the rest beaches in this area.

The road to Gialos starts from the village of Atahni and it is approximately 3 km long. It will take you more time to travel than you think because the road is too narrow and the turns are very sharp. The asphalt is not in an excellent condition but it is good enough for all types of vehicles. There are enough parking spaces on Gialos and a small cafeteria offers drinks and limited number of sunbeds to rent.

As we said, Gialos is very long and provides privacy if needed. Wind and intense waves are typical and most of the time it is not very suitable for people who can`t swim. The beach is sandy (coarse sand) mixed with shingle.


highlights: the longest beach of the island, beach in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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