Geni is both village and peninsula near Nydri village, on the east side of Lefkada island. The peninsula encloses the large Vlicho bay and creates scenic harbor always full of many yachts. The land away from the sea is occupied by high hills covered with trees and dense vegetation.

Geni is regarded as the more luxurious neighborhood of Nydri due to being quieter and less urbanized. The waterfront accommodation have mooring points and access to boat ramps. The tavernas are also next to the sea and with tables situated even on the small piers. Some visitors come by yacht or boat with the sole purpose of sailing the entire holiday. There are villas and holiday homes along the shore, most of them situated on the west seafront, boasting views of the bay full of colorful sails of different size and shape. Although there are fewer villas on the east side, they have no less magnificent views - to Meganissi island, Onassis`s island of Skorpios and the islets of Skorpidi, Sparti and Maduri.

The area toward Vlicho bay has no beaches and there are also many boats so people go elsewhere to swim. The closest place suitable for swimming is Desimi beach, at the base of the peninsula. Desimi is covered with coarse sand mixed with pebbles and has crystal clear water. Lakka beach is also popular but is reachable only by boat. There are also a few tiny beaches hidden in the coastline but also accessible only by boat.

Vlicho village is on the west side of the bay and opposite Geni. The village is 2km line of houses, shops, tavernas, rental and boat services along the sea. Nydri village is situated against the top of Geni peninsula and is also the largest village in that part of Lefkada. Nydri is a local center for boat excursions, yacht rentals, entertainment and businesses of different kind.

highlights: peninsula with villas and views towards Vlicho bay and numerous islands, village in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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