Evros Region

administrative unit of Alexandroupoli, Makri and Samothrace

Evros Region

Evros Region Travel Guide

Evros is one of the thirteen administrative divisions of Greece and belongs to the regional unit of East Macedonia and Thrace. It borders Bulgaria to the north and Turkey to the east, so most foreign tourists there are from these two countries. Capital of Evros is the city of Alexandroupoli.

The island of Samothrace administratively belongs to Evros, too, although it is practically an island from the group of North Aegean islands.

The seaside area of Evros is not so large and includes the beaches of Alexandroupoli and the village of Makri. The most famous of them are:
- Alex beach (the municipal beach of Alexandroupoli)
- Nea Chili
- Makri
- Agia Paraskevi
- Dikela
- Kokkina Vrahia - a group of small coves with red cliffs (the meaning in Greek is "red rocks")


Evros Region

highlights: administrative unit of Alexandroupoli, Makri and Samothrace, region in North Greece, Greece

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