Along with Plani, Erimitis is on of the two beaches on the western shore of Paxos which can be accessed by land. The curious thing about this beach is that it is relatively new - it appeared in 2007 as a result of cliffs collapsing and most of the solid pieces are still there. Erimitis has very high white cliffs hanging over it, as well as pebbles and stones both in and out of the water. The sea is deep and windy most of the time but the place has a peculiar exotic appearance.

Erimitis can be accessed from a road near the village of Magazia. There are signboards leading to unpaved road which continues for 2-3 km. The road ends above the cliffs where you can see a few private villas and a very narrow path going down to the beach. The sunset from Erimitis is very spectacular.

highlights: beach with white cliffs and spectacular sunset, beach in Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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ErimitisErimitisErimitisJust before the sunsetJust before the sunsetErimitisErimitisErimitisThe falling sunA couple waiting for the sunsetThe roof of the collapsed cliffErimitisErimitisThe collapsed cliff on Erimitis beachThe sun falling downAlmost thereA couple waiting for the sunsetErimitisGetting closerErimitisThe path leading to ErimitisErimitis
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