The lower part of the settlement where the volcano view tavernas are

When approaching the village of Emporios, you will see terraced houses perched on a high hill overlooking the sea and the volcano. At first sight the village seems very quiet and deserted. On the top of the hill almost all buildings are in ruins. They are part of the ancient castle Pantoniki and the settlement is declared by the Greek government a site of significant architectural value. Here and there some of the houses are restored to their original outlook but the village looks really abandoned in this part. The newer houses are in the lower part of the hill and there the few permanent residents live.

At the village entrance, the road bifurcates. If you turn right, the winding road will take you up the hill - here you can walk around the ruins and visit the well-preserved church on the top. If you turn left, you will end up at the tiny village square where you can have a meal at a taverna with terrace and volcano view. Locals try to reinvigorate the place by attracting visitors and today there are some traditional houses turned into boutique villas. Another interesting sight of Emporios is the cave with natural sauna effect which is due to the volcanic activity.

Emporios is 9 km away from the port and local buses can take you there on the way to the volcano. Cars to rent are also available in Mandraki.


highlights: old village with volcano view and sauna cave, village in Nisyros, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

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